Four Years Of Ideation Box

June 6, 2013 — 1 Comment

It’s the 6th of June; this day, back in 2009, was my first working day at Ideation Box started at 8:00pm after everything got to its place; from furniture, internet connection, computers… etc. At that time, the company was established under the announced intentions of providing web development services, however, a few people knew that it has been established under very special circumstances and as a cover that gives me the space to build Nakhweh.

After a lot of ups and downs, the company went with the flow of Nakhweh; and it turned into a provider of development communication solutions, working with top names in Jordan and the region and creating exceptional success stories and role models when it comes to the online presence of the development sector in the Arab region.

While writing this, a flashback crossed my mind, showing me the highlights and the milestones of this entrepreneurship journey, which taught me things that I wouldn’t learn in decades if it didn’t go the way it went.

Now, it’s worth sharing these simple lessons I learned throughout the four years:

  • Failure is another reason to work harder, and we should have the courage to face it and admit it
  • Always surround yourself with inspiring people, it’s contagious
  • Every team member is as important as you’re for the company
  • Ideas are useless, unless they are implemented
  • You can’t be the master of everything; choose what you love to do more, to produce more
  • Take advantage of the opportunity, it might not cross your path often
  • Never mix between personal issues and work, it could ruin your business
  • “Clients” as a term is obsolete, you have to work on partnership basis
  • Compete cleanly, bad mouthing backfires on you
  • Don’t delegate, empower
  • Last but not least; take care of your cash flow…

For this occasion and new milestone; I would like to thank everyone of those who supported me all the way since the beginnings; first of all, thanks to my family members, especially mom and dad, who always made me feel secured, contained me and helped me in containing many situations. Thanks to the 2 most supportive and inspiring women I ever met in my life; Reem Khouri & Valentina Qussisiya, your permanent support and trust put me under more pressure to make sure I never fail you, the best pressure ever. Thanks to the old days’ partner and my brother from a different mother, Hadi, for the on-the-records and off-the-records support, and happy birthday by the way. The owner of the Dubai incubator, Nader, thank you mister. Thanks to the one who taught me how to be courageous in facing certain situations with clients; Lina Shehadeh. Thanks to the very special Nora, the biggest advocate of Ideation Box & Nakhweh on earth.

I would also like to take this chance to thank our partners who believed in us and allowed us to create their success stories; Jordan River Foundation, INJAZ, Nuqul Group, Elia Nuqul Foundation, Aramex, King Abdullah II Fund for Development, and Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation.

Last but not least, the biggest thank you goes to my superheroes; Sahar, Randa & Aisha, you girls are unique and priceless. Keep up the great work, together we grow.

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  1. I like it when you say that “we are you’re superheroes”….
    I love you guys… And i’m lucky to have you all always around :D

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