One year and counting…

August 20, 2008 — 10 Comments

The 22nd of August 2007 is the date that is written on my contract as the first working day for me at Akhtaboot. The 21st of August 2007 was the actual first working day for me at Akhtaboot.

Well, how did I get there? You can go back with time to this old post to figure out. But why I’m there? For me I’m in Akhtaboot because I would never find a better opportunity to be a member of such a lovely team. From the first interview, the low of attraction had a big role to let me in. First I met Mohamad and Fouad, and I was impressed as I never though that I will ever be able one day to find people in Jordan with such mentality. Few days later I met Yousef who was impressing enough as well to get my attention when he was talking about Akhtaboot and their vision.

Now, it’s one year, which had a lot of work, experience and fun. One year at a company where human resources are the first concern for its management. One year in a company where I learnt how to ride the wave of challenge. One year in an encouraging environment to show the best of what I and any other member have. One year in a company which has nothing to do with the traditions. One year in a company which is related to anything but the Jordanian corporate identity.

Yes people, this is Akhtaboot, an example to all of the business owners about how to run their business and about how to make your employees loyal enough to keep them forever. I’m so proud to be member number four of those fourteen wonderful members of our team.

Thank you Akhtaboot for everything, this is the first year and counting :)

10 responses to One year and counting…

  1. ATEE3AAAAAAAAA tab say something about Mees ….or at least sama7 or jumana…..ATEEE3AAAA…..allow me to help you with that , just copy and paste….”Mais A.K.A Mees…woooow what an amazing girl…innu oh my goood shu raheebeh and mish paranoid at allllll…:P”

    LOVE IT:)

  2. lek ibn 3ammi reto alf alf mabroook…eh bs walla ma ilk 7a22 ma t7o6 sooorti y3nii eeeh….ma tkoon dorti ahamm mnni shi,,,,,,teshkoll aasssiiii ma a7laaaak!!!!

  3. Am sad :(
    not even one pic for me .. am an akhtabooter too :’(

  4. Dude, That’s Amazing, Good Job & One year Still Counting, knt bedde a7kelak sha3′leh, bs ba7keelak yaha bs shoofak, hehehe, weslat Akeed :P :P and Mees is Definitely Not PARANOID at all :P

  5. MAN Akhtaboot mn doonak ya doob 3nkbooot Keep Rock Man. w meen all eno Mees Paranoid ??!!!:)

  6. why r u discussing meeeee”s”????
    ATTTEEE3AAA…yeb3atelkon 7emma shu lsanatkon tweeleh

  7. hahaha! 5%… behave :P

    btw… Linda, here you go with the a pic :)

  8. walaaaaaaaaaaaa nazzel al pic illi tsawarnaha the other day :) mshan ana feeeha ibn 3mmiiii

  9. tab inta 95% hahaaaay:P

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