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Like many others, I saw this post on my Facebook feed… I had mixed emotions of happiness and sadness about it. It’s the natural flow of life, especially for one of the longest serving CEO’s of one of the most successful companies globally.

Fadi Ghandour

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تمت دعوتي من قبل الأصدقاء في روّاد التنمية لحضور الحفل الختامي لحملة “٦ دقائق” والتي تعنى بنشر ثقافة القراءة في جبل النظيف وخصوصاً بين الأمهات، لم استطع أن اتوقع قبل الوصول إلى هناك من هم الحضور أو ما هو برنامج الاحتفال ولكن إبداع شباب وشابات روّاد أشهر من أن يعرّف، وكنت متلهفاً جداً لحضور الفعالية.

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Thank you Aramex

December 14, 2011 — 4 Comments

Earlier today I was sitting with my friend Nora over food and argileh when we started to talk about some past experiences, she is an ex-Aramex employee who now works with Jordan River Foundation, I was introduced to her when she started to use Nakhweh as the very first adopter when it was the buggiest website on the internet and she really had the passion for it, that’s why she’s one of my favorite. Nora, when she talked about some funny stories during her days at Aramex, brought this story back to my mind and made me write this well-deserved thank you message to the most supportive team on earth.

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Amman – team launches the third beta version of the website dedicated to link volunteers with opportunities to volunteer. The new version comes a year after establishing the initiative under the slogan “Connecting hearts to change the world”.

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