They are sharing their bra colors on Facebook… repulsive!

January 8, 2010 — 28 Comments

The Jordanian and Arab girls reached a very shameless limit in ignoring all traditions and islamic values by sharing their bra colors on Facebook in front of all their friends (including men)! I was wondering all the time why those colors are posted on the girls’ status on Facebook until I found something on Google that explained it.

Example 1

Example 1

Example 2

Example 2

Putting the values and the traditions aside, the madness of those girls made them believe that this is a breast cancer awareness campaign as it’s promoted globally. I can’t see anything in such a campaign more than the abnormal stupidness and the ultimate violation of our community and honour (as usual)!

I really can’t describe how much it’s repulsive for me and I really couldn’t imagine that we would reach this point of audacity. Let’s wait for a couple of days or weeks, maybe the next campaign will convince our STUPID girls that having your picture nude on Facebook will help in fighting HIV!!!

28 responses to They are sharing their bra colors on Facebook… repulsive!

  1. chill out dude. it was simply a silly game amongst girls. so someone mentioned what color bra she’s wearing. big deal. it’s not repulsive or immoral.

  2. Kamel… Don’t u think u’re overreacting…. I think it was fun to keep all the guys wondering what’s going on

    As for traditions and so it’s not like girls are SHOWING their bras

  3. colors are good January 8, 2010 at 9:40 am

    relax man.. get some yourself

  4. Question Kamel, what would you do if you found that one of your best friends is lesbian. What would you do? throw her off a cliff? That question may seem unrelated at first, but it’s all about tolerance and personal freedom that you’re trying to suppress. How do you feel when someone start calling you names and insulting you because he disagree with something you posted like phrases of the Quraan or what ever? Why it’s hard to understand the concept of live and let live?! I really can’t understand how this even remotely effecting you, seriously!

  5. I totally disagree with you!! If girls wanna share their bra color on Facebook, they are free to do so! I don’t recall seeing a status that says: my bra is pink or whatever! they simply write a color! And let’s say it’s not for breast cancer, it’s just a game, why men found out? that’s what’s wrong! It has nothing to do with honor and Arab and Islamic values, actually I think writing this blog is ridiculousness itself, it’s like YOU wanna make sure that every man on earth know what the girls are talking about! Girls did something very innocent and kind of fun which sharing their bra color on their status and it’s totally between girls!! It’s people like who are violating privacy and telling the whole world!
    And for the record it’s not just Jordanian and Arab girls, it’s girls around the world you jerk!
    You have no right in calling it stupidness, get a life!
    And “maybe the next campaign will convince our STUPID girls that having your picture nude on Facebook will help in fighting HIV!!!”???? Yeah so HONORABLE and CLASSY of you, you totally represent the Arab and Islamic values!!!!

  6. god, i really pity you, obviously you have nothing to do, god, are you that empty and super facial or what ????

  7. The point of this campaign was to create a buzz and get people talking about Breast Cancer … Now if the buzz was positive or negative, it is helping create awareness … So thank you Kamel for accentuating our point of view by creating such a buzz and involving more people :)

  8. By the way … im Lebanese and mine is Black with a dash of Red :)

  9. I think this thing is not only happening between arab girls, cause i have a few foreign people posting up stuff like that, and to comment on what ghassan said, i don’t think it has anything to do with personal freedom, it’s just goes to show how air headed our girls are, and what our cares in this world revolve around, some things are funny i agree, but the amount of attention this has done and gotten is ridiculous, but yet again sha3ebna mafi mino 5air, alla bi3een.

  10. I don’t understand why you’re being so aggressive towards it?
    even if it is indeed unrelated to breast cancer or any other cause, so what?
    it’s a little fun, why is it against tradition, values and Islamic culture.
    please don’t tell me you really think this way, this is so suppressive of you.

    i didn’t change mine, because i didn’t feel like it, but they think it’s what? it’s just a piece of garment..naked pics Kamel…really?

  11. Hiba, Naeema and Bana, a lot websites all over the world announced the campaign and it became very obvious for everyone. Guys knew it and they are interacting with girls about it; and that takes the whole thing to another level when I see a guy asking a girl: why you are wearing a bra of such a color, or if it’s nice or not! that is a private area that has been exposed on a platform like Facebook and it’s all about the influence of those who are targeting our society and we were very naive!

    I saw a girl who wrote the following status: “My ladies.. guys do know what’s going on!! P.S: have a normal status and don’t give them the privilege of visualizing it lol I bet it was started by a guy too”

    I think that she had a point! and she’s absolutely true.

    If it’s a piece of garment that has no importance as Bana is saying then why it’s called underwear and why it’s hidden underneath the clothes? I really don’t understand how it’s related to breast cancer, and if it’s a sort of an awareness campaign at some point it became nothing but something fun girls want to do! There are a lot of campaigns that started already but no one got involved, why do you think this one got the attention if it’s about the cause!

  12. It(the bra) is called UNDERWEAR cuz it goes UNDER the cloth Kamel,Superman wore it over his pants, men sell it to women, boys buy it for girls, mums buy it for young girls..

    It (The bra) also a form of support for the female breasts, some don’t even use it. Back in the day it was burnt because sexist males perceived it as a form of limitation; women couldn’t work or get an education because they have breasts and a uterus.

    It’s 2010 and we still think women shouldn’t discuss the color of their under garments? why? does that scratch my womanhood or virtue in any way? or does this bother the male; who parades around like he rules this world? why are we so categorized by our gender or ethnicity? are you telling me you’re scared of words? does the anatomy of a human body freak you out? what is this? I can not believe you’re taking things way out of context.

    People’s status’s on facebook have always been silly, guys will always try to get in girl’s pants, they will always try to get nasty. the use of breast cancer is wrong Of Course in this situation. But come on, you’re sooo over re-acting, like you’ve never read a silly status on facebook hun. chill

  13. If it got the attention QK, then it served its purpose :) Plus its not like guys need incentives to visualize … I trust that middle eastern men are way more sophisticated and far way educated to reduce a purposeful campaign of creating awareness for Breast Cancer into something demeaning for the ladies … And how is it related well … let me explain my perspective … EVERY BODY IS TALKING ABOUT BREAST CANCER EVEN THE MEN … and by the way LADIES … while you’re peeking inside your shirt to see what color bra you are wearing so you can post it in your status update, go ahead and feel around in there, make sure there are no lumps. And if there are, call your doc for a clinical exam!

  14. Bana, apparently you’re getting me wrong! I’m defending the women’s rights with such a post because it gets on my nerves when I see a guy commenting on a girls status: “no you should wear yellow because it fits your …. more”!!! Does that sound very normal for you?? Yes we’re in 2010 but such a campaign gave us “men” the opportunity to be more nasty trying to get in girls’ pants!!! Girls should’ve been aware of that…

  15. I see your point of view now … you simply wouldn’t tolerate the “demeaning of women” specially if the original cause of such a campaign is noble … which we highly appreciate … but on the other side i have people commenting on my status by also raising awareness … for example Dr. Teddy Saliba shared the following in reply: Some statistics: the median age for women to have breast cancer is 42 in Lebanon, compared to 51 in the USA… which means Young Lebanese Females are at a higher risk to develop Breast Cancer…

  16. Naeema, let’s face it! 80% of those girls who posted the status thought it’s a trend and sort of being cool without taking into consideration the consequences.

    It really gets on my nerves when I see someone “a man” who’s trying to take the advantage of such a situation, but when he sees such a conversation then he has the opportunity, that’s why I can’t blame men, I blame women for opening such a door for them.

    It’s a nobel campaign when it comes to cancer no doubts, but it worked the other way on Facebook and there was no need for the status update especially for those who I saw last night in Jordan and the MENA in general. We share information about breast cancer and we talk about it, that’s science! But it’s demeaning when we share it in a such a way.

  17. I know that it may be fun for girls to put the colour of their bra on their statuses .. but men already knew what was the meaning buy putting these colours .. and even they started doing the same by putting the colour of something that girls dont wear !!!! so its better for girls to stop putting colours on their statuses to avoid the bad thought of men to girls

  18. I think your argument is ridiculous Kamel. You’re making a big fuss about nothing. It’s not ur job to act all protective about adult women. Most of the women posting this know what they’re doing and they’re making a free choice and are aware that some dumb ass males in our society will abuse this. But this doesn’t mean that they have to shut themselves up just to please a few idiots (who i don’t think would represent the majority of educated men).

    And what islamic and cultural values are u talking about? i dont personally see this as a contradiction to modern culture or to a tolerant understanding of islam. it is, however, a contradiction to wahabism and obsolete traditions that have have been suffocating the middle east for the past 400 years.

    There are many more topics you could address on ur blog that are more important than this. check out honour crimes, forced marriages or abuse of women and children in the name of religion and culture..

    it’s sad to see such a brilliant mind like u fall into this pseudo-”protectionism”. its just bullshit.

  19. This campaign have created a buzz around it, Many girls have adopted the method of this campaign without knowing the real cause behind it, but now, after it became a trend or lets say a common thing that girls share through their facebook statuses, a trend that can be clarified by some friends within their small facebook society, at first she will post the color , then she will get a feed back in many forms Negative , positive or even silly , but with that she opened a new door for more awareness , a friend for example who knows a lot about breast cancer, but a shamed of invading the privacy of his female friends, seeing the status will provide him with the window he was waiting for, to share his knowledge with them and become the first step of remedy.

  20. what away to be romio , enjoy it

  21. Well, I for one, enjoyed the little prank. But after the day was done, I was hoping more would be said than the color itself. So I dedicated my blog post today to cancer awareness. Have a read:

  22. What a silly person you are Mr Kermit!Lost in your own misogynistic sense of self righteousness and honor, busy being outraged but really just a little sexually repressed, spending your time getting so worked up about bras. Honor! I doubt you know what the word means.

  23. All of you guys are living in your “ideal” world…

    Like we are a VERY open minded culture, and most of our girls REALLY give a damn about Breast Cancer and awareness campaigns…

    Oh for the love of god, they were fooling around that’s it, most of them thought it a was a way to be bit kinky…
    So if what u guys are saying is true, and since in we’re 2010, then i have all the rights to walk to a girl in street and say “I am a part of a breast Cancer awareness campaign, can you tell me what color is your bra? :D ” It will be one hell of a pick up line :D ~

    Next time I suggest putting sizes.
    and lets you girls how will you react if we start posting sizes as a part male genitals awareness campaign…

  24. I am White and my bra color is black with hot pink on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Kamel, i totally agree with you!! It ws complete stupidity, what some girls did putting up the colour of their bras… They say it was to create “awareness about breast cancer”??? HAA!! MY FOOT!! Dats so lame… Its just to draw the attention of guys, and encouragin them to give back some flirty,nasty, disgusting comment… They r just riduclising demselves..!!

  26. Would I find it funny to share the colour of my boxer? No, I do not think so.

  27. Hi, as you may already noted I am new here.
    In first steps it’s really good if someone supports you, so hope to meet friendly and helpful people here. Let me know if I can help you.
    Thanks in advance and good luck! :)

  28. Well, after reading posts for people who didn’t agree with Kamel, and asking him to “live and let live”. People come on, he was expressing his thoughts loudly as his blog homepage says. He didn’t ask those girls to take off their comments about their bras! He was expressing himself loudly. I think everyone should give themselves a break and accept others’ opinions! Well, I agree with Kamel, it’s complete stupidity and repulsive.

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