Yes, I hated “Ana Ma3 Zain”… Yet, It Was Very Inspiring

November 5, 2012 — 1 Comment

Regardless of my endless fights with Zain Jordan, even after I got rid of their service; their أنا مع زين is absolutely getting on my nerves, I find it really useless and reflects nothing but how cocky and bumptious the company is. What value does Omar Al-Abdullat, Diana Karazon or Mohammad Al-Wakeel give the company or give me as a consumer (and I know they are not the only ones in the campaign)? Why those people? Where’s the rest of the community or the other users of the “largest” mobile provider in Jordan?

Yes I hated the campaign, yet, it was very inspiring for me; I’m going to explain the idea I got after seeing the ads in the streets, in order to tell Zain as a company how it could serve Jordan in a different promotional approach that would’ve given the money spent on the campaign more value, by winning more audience, promoting social good and at least making me, as an extremely mad customer, feel neutral about a company that provided me with all possible reasons of hatred.

Most of us know Omar Al-Abdallat and Diana Karazon very well, and people who listen to Mohammad Al-Wakeel might be more than the ones use Zain. But how many in Jordan know about Sharif Al-Omari of “Nashama Al 3agabeh“, Rabee’ Zureikat of “Zikra Initiative“, Samar Dudin or “Ruwwad“, Rawan Barakat of “Raneen“, Mohammed Jaber of “Takaful“, Tareq Dalbah of “Contribute, You Can“, Amir Shihadeh of “Yara“, Saeed Mohammad of “Irbid Volunteers“, the 17 years old Ahmed Abu Taha of “X-Feer” and many more?

Those are people who reflect the positive side of our community with the genuine work they’re doing beyond what companies with millions can ever think about, except of a very few ones. Those are the ones who mastered empowering communities and overcoming all obstacles they are facing to communicate their message and achieve their mission towards a better community and making Jordan a better place for all of us.

Those, who all they got is their ambition and sense of responsibility, deserve at least a company like Zain to give them the spaces wasted for “Ana Ma3 Zain” to tell people about them, not because they need the promotion, but because they are role models who keep inspiring a lot of other, starting with me.

Here’s my idea, for Zain or any other company in Jordan; people serving the community and not waiting for any return should be taken care of, especially by companies that are spending a lot of money on ineffective marketing and CSR campaigns; if for nothing, at least to give them the push and make many others hear their voices, which reflects the positive side of Jordan and creates a balance in a community that’s overwhelmed with frustration.

Next week you will get the chance to access information about all initiatives mentioned above and many others around the Arab world on the updated Nakhweh; We’re willing to work with any company that will offer help to putting together a campaign that promotes impactful positive social work happening all over the place.

One response to Yes, I hated “Ana Ma3 Zain”… Yet, It Was Very Inspiring

  1. Kamel,

    Thank you for your beautiful and amazing words! I am truly flattered. Thank you for your great recognition of our efforts! Keep up the great work with Nakhweh as well! God bless..

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